Currently our culture is obsessed with being more health conscious on various decisions that affect our daily lives. I hear and read about people making alterations to their daily lives by changing habits or starting new ones because they heard there was a healthier option. Many people are now using essential oils, changing out their cleaning supplies for more simple formulated ones, eating a cleaner diet, and working out. Our society has started labeling things organic and/or natural because those words sell in the a culture that craves to be healthy. Being healthy is a wonderful thing. People are finally taking control of their lives by changing habits to better themselves. There is one habit that many people seem to refuse to begin because they just don’t want to. Can you guess what I am about to say? You hear your dental hygienist ask this question at every visit? Yes. FLOSSING. I truly wish patients would adopt this habit into their daily lives. When you read an article about the benefits of a healthier option, many people tend to want to try it. So let this blurb of mine convince you that flossing really is in your best interest for your personal health. Flossing mechanically removes the plaque and bacteria off the surface of your tooth. If using the proper technique, you can be actively preventing gum disease as well as cavities.  Gum disease when left untreated now has been scientifically proven to have a correlation with serious conditions such as: heart disease, pregnancy complications, and also tooth loss. When your dental hygienist asks if you have been flossing; the question really does come with concern. If your gingiva or gum tissue appears inflamed and bleeds easily, its a red flag to your dental professional that the plaque and bacteria is not being removed efficiently. Do yourself a favor, adopt the healthy habit of flossing. It is the quickest habit to add to your day but your mouth will thank you a decade down the road. Just remember: Only Floss the Teeth You Intend to Keep!

Written by Becca Oldham

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