Today more than 36 million Americans do not have teeth. When you are functioning with full dentures your bite forces reduce from an average of 200 lbs to 50 lbs, and this decreases over time to as little as 5 lbs! Additionally, those suffering with a full lower denture find that retention is very poor and and as a result function can be very difficult or almost impossible.

Also, when your ability to chew is impaired this can lead to malnutrition as healthy things are difficult to eat and therefore food is poorly chewed up leading to problems with the digestive system.

Finally, there is the social aspect of being without teeth. Depending on how your anatomy is, conventional dentures may be ill fitting and difficult to speak with. Many men and women who are missing teeth decide it’s better to stay home than face the potential embarrassing situations when going out with friends, going to reunions, possibly even forgo dating because they can’t eat and speak reliably.

Today these issues don’t have to handicap you or your loved ones any longer. Implant dentistry has made tooth replacement and denture stabilization very predictable. With only a few implants you can make a full denture that snaps or screws in and increase your function dramatically. Also, if you are only missing one or a few teeth, you can replace them without grinding down the adjacent teeth unnecessarily. We can help you love your smile and go back to eating the way you desire again. To find out more about how our dental team can serve you, call Dr. Calloway at 816-350-9119.

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