When you look in the mirror at your smile do you see the roots of your teeth or is a large part of the tooth yellow and maybe it hasn’t always been that way? If the answer is yes please read! Since I’ve been a hygienist something I see on a daily basis is exposed roots caused by aggressive toothbrushing or poor brushing techniques. This is not a new dental issue, but there are now new techniques available to fix exposed roots. GUM GRAFTING! Reasons to consider a gum grafting procedure may include: sensitivity of teeth due to root exposure, poor tissue health, or cosmetic reasons. Gum grafting is a minimally invasive procedure that has been around since 1956 and has made astounding advancements since. The procedure used to require taking tissue from the palate of the mouth which was very painful and required you to have two surgical sites. Now the procedure can be done with donor tissue. I know you are probably wondering “How safe is it to use donor tissue?” Donor tissue has no cells, no blood, and no possibility of disease transmission. In fact, there have been no cases of disease transmission since its arrival on the scene in 1994. If areas of recession are left untreated and exposed you could be at risk for additional gum recession, loss of teeth, and root decay. Don’t let this become the root of all evil. If gum grafting sounds like something you are interested in call our office to schedule a consultation at (816) 350-9119.


Written By: Lexis Newton, RDH